FyreEating - Cool Chilli and Chilli Pepper

Meet the new and revolutionary Cool Chilli and Chilli Pepper. Cool Chilli's wicks are secured using a unique Design Registered ® fastening method. No metal fasteners or para-aramid thread is used to secure the wick in position, a major design drawback seen on other fire eating products, and a past curse of fire eaters. The Cool Chilli's design also boasts a tiny 25mm diameter wick head, belying the quantity of wick concealed within the design, ensuring a uniform and consistent burn.

For those into spinning, twirling and also fire eating, the Chilli Pepper is a lightweight, twin headed, silicone gripped, highly manoeuvrable version.

Important note: Fire eating is dangerous, not good for your health, and should only be attempted following intensive professional instruction.