Comet FyreDiabolo

Comet FyreDiabolo

The World's first fire production diabolo, a timeless favourite with a world-wide reputation, justifying its position as the world's best-selling stainless steel fire diabolo - Electro polished for a brilliant finish.

Built-in fuel reservoirs provide a longer and brighter-burning flame and, importantly, minimize fuel spray and fuel wastage. Simply reversing the exposed wick will renew the flame size and burn time. The array of carefully positioned holes assist in locating the diabolo's spindle during your fire performance.

Supplied in a nylon, fuel-resistant bag and with a length of diabolo cord and a refuelling bottle. A great buy.

Diameter: 103mm
Weight: 310g

Code: FDC
Price: £37.25
Quantity: 1
Shipping: UK: £3.50 per order; Europe: £5.00 per order; US, Canada, Rest of World: £10.00 per order