Meteor FyreDiabolo


A new FyreFli product.

Based on the Comet's successful stainless steel body, the Meteor's reinforced rim and body offer greater protection for your FyreDiabolo against the consequences of those missed really high throws. Supplied with fuel resistant nylon bag, refueling bottle and para-aramid cord.

Increasing and positioning the mass of the Meteor towards the rim has dramically increased the diabolo's rotational inertia. Incredibly Stable

Built in fuel reservoirs are standard, with all of the advantages this technology provides.

Supplied in a nylon fuel resistant bag, including a length of diabolo cord and a refuelling bottle.

Weight: 373g
Diameter: 111g

Code: FDM
Price: £43.50
Quantity: Each
Shipping: UK: £3.50 per order; Europe: £5.00 per order; US, Canada, Rest of World: £10.00 per order