Falcon FyreStik

Falcon_single_29.4.2016.jpg Devilstick_whole_29042016.jpg

'Tweaking' a good design - marginally larger tapers, slightly heavier at 305 gm and with increased fuel capacity.

Supplied with a fuel resistant carrying bag.

The Falcon is unique, produced via a totally novel, rotary forging process (950 hammer blows/min), reducing the original aluminium tube diameter by a factor of 2. The result: a superbly balanced fire devil stick, fitted with 65 mm wicks and incorporating two fuel reservoirs. Hard wearing, red anodised finish.

Length 700 mm
Weight 305 gm

Code: FSF
Price: £26.25
Quantity: 1
Shipping: UK: £4.50 per order; Europe: £6.00 per order; US, Canada, Rest of World: £10.00 per order