All types of FyrePoi are now available fitted with either ball or link chain, and finger loops.

Fire poi and all its many fire derivatives have become favourites throughout the juggling world, and major designers and manufacturers of fire juggling products produce an extensive range of fire poi, incorporating various patented and innovative features, such as built in paraffin fuel reservoirs and simplified fire wick replacement. All Fyrefli Poi fitted with stainless steel ball chain have a minimum breaking strain of 65kg (140lb).

Originally used for weapon training, co-ordination, flexibility and building wrist strength (amongst other uses). The fire poi is probably the most popular prop in the world and one of our favourites.

Fyrefli's patented fuel reservoir has simply and expertly allowed the Fyrepoi to burn and burn and burn. A special feature of the all-reservoir FyrePoi makes for simpler wick replacement.

If you're into digital photography or video, you can't beat the dynamic shots you will take with these.

Reservoir Poi Design Update

An innovative design change now permits all FyreFli Reservoir Poi to be interchanged and stacked. Additionally the amount of metal exposed above and below the wick has been reduced to a minimum, reducing the potential to burn oneself. Other features of the Reservoir Poi have not been compromised.

Wick replacement is simple as the wick screws are located into poi reservoirs' para-aramid fibre, rather than the poi's aluminium body.

Cathedral Wrapped

Triple-Headed Cathedral Wrapped FyrePoi

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65mm Channel Poi, Ball Chain, Finger Loops

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FyreFli 65mm Concord Poi

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Double Fuel Reservoir


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Jumbo Reservoir

Jumbo Reservoir FyrePoi - 65mm version

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Monkey Fist


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