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Fyrefli: The Fire Juggling Innovators

New Product Announcement - FyreKontour fire rope. A patented fire rope offering further possibilities. More details within the FyreWick/Rope section.

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Fyrefli - your manufacturing source for fire juggling props. Manufacturers of fire wick, fire rope, fire balls, fire diabolo, fire devilsticks, firestaffs, fire torches, fire poi and much more.

Fyrefli wick and rope are produced from high quality para-aramid fibre, guaranteeing maximum fuel absorbency. Do remember to re-fuel your wick and rope before storage - have lots of fun and great burns!

Wherever possible, UK orders placed before 2PM will be shipped on the same working day.

Safety Considerations

  • Fire juggling props should only be used by professional circus performers and experienced jugglers
  • Fire juggling props are not toys and are not intended to be used by children or anybody under 18 years of age
  • Fire juggling props should only be used outdoors and within a safe environment

There is more safety information here.

Check out our new range of fire poi - more FyreFli innovations !!

Fyrefli - a design house of ideas, experiments and imagination, with a burning reputation, real as fire itself.

If you're into fire juggling, or fire dancing, or just like playing with fire, then we probably have a fire prop for you.

Remember the first rule of fire juggling - never take foolish risks.

Most fire jugglers are probably aware that para-aramid wicking materials have excellent high temperature properties. Not so well known: the fact that para-aramid fibre has poor absorbency, circa 5-6% by weight. Solution: FyreFli incorporate fuel reservoirs into many of their fire prop designs.

And, for the bane of fire jugglers Worldwide, wick replacement, another novel solution: the wick fastening screws secure within the fuel reservoirs' para-aramid fibre, rather than the thin walled aluminium body of the fuel reservoir; simpler, stronger, more secure!

Our fire products have recently been upgraded to fit a new fuel reservoir design, dramatically increasing BIG flame time, with the same weight and price, allowing you to entertain audiences all over the world for so much longer.

Fyrefli products now include:

  • New Designs
  • Bigger And More Uniform Flames
  • Easier Wick Replacement
  • Bigger Fuel Reservoirs
  • Lighter Weight Products
  • More Impact Resistance
  • More Fire Resistance
  • The Same Low Prices As Ever

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